Download AE Farm Dozer: Coin and Prize APK

Grandpa's farm is so old. How about helping him to repair it?

In this epic free dozer game, you will play as a little boy named Ethan who wants make efforts to repair grandpa's farm. Try to push off as many shiny coins as you can, enjoy the fun with cool collections and prizes. During pushing, more than 50 super fine collections will appear on the board. Collect them set by set, and win these bonus abilities.

Notice that delicious letter cookies? Yes! They are not only taste good, but also come with surprise rewards by collecting all of them.

Not only that, our game also offers many exciting challenges for you. Try to light up all badges by completing all these achievements and get rich rewards.

Push piles of coins and prizes your way! Be careful, don't push your prizes off the sides! And don't forget these special coins to help you out!

If you run out of coins, don't worry! More will fill your Coin Box for free all the time. Don’t forget, if you are impatient, you can always buy coins from the store.

Game offer:
 Easy to start, and smooth control brings you lots of fun.
 Impressive 3D graphics and amazing realistic physics.
 Over 50+ super fine collections, tons of special effects.
 20 challenge achievements with awesome look.
 Integrated with facebook social networking function. You can play with family and your friends from facebook. More friends, more fun!
 3 mini-game to win huge rewards: slot machine, wheel of fortune and golden egg.
 High quality audio and visual effects that recall your childhood memory about the country club from your hometown and its coin machine.

More new features such as new stage, bonus abilities will be available soon.

AE Farm Dozer: Coin and Prize Screenshots: