Download AlcooTel MAAF APK

A free alcohol test to download on your smartphone or tablet to drive safe !

Developed by MAAF Prévention et Sécurité, AlcooTel has a new skin, with a modern design and new features.

With a playful aspect and easy to use, AlcooTel is the first free mobile and tablet apps that tells you wether or not you can drive after consuming alcohol.
Accessible for every Android users, AlcooTel is an online alcohol test completely free that allow you in a few clicks to see your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) timeline according to your personal specifications – sex, age, weight, height- and your consumptions.
AlcooTel also provides options to drive you back home safely in case your blood alcohol content is up to the legal rates of your country (call a cab – call a friend).

The information provided on this application are presented only as indicative and general guidelines. The main objective of AlcooTel is to inform and raise awareness among dangers of drink-driving.

Drive safe with AlcooTel !

AlcooTel MAAF Screenshots: