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Calling all future doctors!

We need to get the 'All Stars' treated straightaway!

Become a doctor today, diagnose and treat your patients.

Each of your patients have specific injuries and need your help! Its up to you to locate any boo boos and help them get better. Use the stethoscope, thermometers, x-ray machine and many other real life medical tools to diagnose what's wrong with each little patient.

Once you've treated all the different injuries for one patient, make sure you perform all the standard check-ups before moving on to your next patient!

What are you waiting for, start treating your patients! Become the doctor today!

– Diagnose your patients using depicted real world medical doctor equipment.
– Each tool monitors or treats a specific injury.
– Funny character reactions and voiceovers.
– Medical chart checklist to review diagnosis and task completion.
– 8 different patient characters with unique themes.
– 12 medical doctor tools in full game.
– Different custom plaster and bandages to apply to your patients.

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