Download Autism Learning:Camp Discovery APK

Teach your child new skills with Camp Discovery! Developed by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), Camp Discovery is a suite of therapeutic learning games that appeal to children and are approved by renowned behavioral scientists, special education teachers, and parents. Based on CARD’s comprehensive curriculum, developed over 25 years, Camp Discovery creates fun learning opportunities for children with autism and offers learning games including Objects, Colors, Shapes, Community Helpers, Emotions, and more. New learning games are released regularly! Camp Discovery is an excellent therapeutic tool for children ages 2 and up.


The teaching procedures used in Camp Discovery are designed by experts in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and are grounded on evidence-based behavioral principles. Camp Discovery uses discrete trial training (DTT) to facilitate learning and includes unique reinforcement and prompting procedures. Although Camp Discovery is designed for children with autism, all children can benefit from the carefully developed teaching procedures.


Many features set Camp Discovery apart from other children’s learning apps.

– Every Learning Trial Begins with a Preference Assessment
Rewards for correct responses are personalized for each player based on the results of the preference assessment.

– Fun Mini Games Motivate Learning
Mini games serve as both a break from learning and an exciting reward for completing rounds.

– Track Your Child’s Progress
Camp Discovery allows you to track your child’s progress across games and generates graphs to show you how much your child is learning.

– Parents Are in Control
Multiple settings can be manipulated by parents in order to personalize the player’s learning experience.


Camp Discovery was optimized for Android phones and tablets, and the interface was designed for easy use by the player. The games are voice narrated, and responses require dragging and dropping or touching flashcards to be successful.

All Camp Discovery profits are used for the development of new learning games.

CARD was founded in 1990 by leading autism expert and clinical psychologist Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA-D. CARD treats individuals of all ages who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which is empirically proven to be the most effective treatment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the US Surgeon General.



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