Download BCGE Mobile Netbanking APK

Welcome on BCGE Mobile Netbanking

Stay connected to BCGE and carry out your online transactions using the Mobile Netbanking application

– Access to your accounts and deposits
– Your payment orders in Switzerland (to known beneficiaries)
– A built-in scanner for your payment slips
– Buy / sell your securities with BCGE 1816
– Financial news and information
– The ability to contact the bank, find an ATM and many other services

The benefits for you:
– Connection anytime, anywhere
– Enhanced transactions security (identified payments are possible only)
– BCGE Mobile Netbanking application is free*
– Transactions are monitored in real-time
– Transactions are at preferential BCGE Netbanking rates

*To access contents on the internet may generate extra charges invoiced by your telecommunications provider

BCGE Mobile Netbanking Screenshots: