Download Beat Love Dance APK

Come on everybody on dance floor the party started with Love Dance Beat an extra game
you choreographer dancers for a series telecast so you must learn to your
artist make every effort to be the best and win the final battle of high floor style Flash mob!

Beat in Love Dance Salsa you will learn the step dub and R & B with five dancer.
you will have to synchronize their movement to which am together on the same track
rhythm of the music come on everybody hands up in the air with super dj Natasha tonight
gonna be hot atmosphere guaranteed come on baby let 's go party!

For the love of risk you put all the chances on your side after a years training
you're back on track Saturday night in a media show in front of millions of viewers .
already nearly a thousand fan you tweet and Facebook users in mode i like move it baby!

After all Magic Sound System Pooandplay whole team and proud of you
presented the incredible Love Dance Beat the last of the series of flash mob my rap hip hop
and rock and roll , not forgetting Space Crazy Battle of Move and dance floor .
Program at Noris is night Salsa with an after R & B and DubStep


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