Download Beauty Salon – Spa & Salon Day APK

Hello! Kids!Here comes our new game: Beauty Salon!
This game is to tell you how to make up and dress up. In this game, you will experience figures’ facial change after using face thinning essential oil, covering the way of using various ordinary lipsticks, special lipsticks, and bright pink lipsticks, as well as the method of wearing sectional false eyelashes and using glue to turn single-fold eyelid into double-fold eyelids. All of these props will make the figures look beautiful.

The way of playing the game: Firstly, you bring the figure to the beauty salon to clean her face, apply mask, remove acnes, and remove naps of eyebrow. Then, you bring the figure to the make-up room. When applying lipstick, you can choose ordinary colors, heart-shaped lipstick, or shining lip gloss, to make the mouse three-dimensional and attractive. Next, you help the figure stick double-fold eyelid stickers, wear cosmetic contact lenses, draw eye line, stick false eyelashes, and apply mascara. Now, have you found that her eyes are much bigger? At last, apply the blusher. Wow, how beautiful she is! After finishing make-up, you bring the figure to the dressing room change her hair style and clothes. There are as many as one hundred articles including hat, headwear, scarf, earrings, necklace and ring here. Finally, display the beautiful figure. There are five available scenes.

Come one and try this new game! You will learn to make up and dress up.


Beauty Salon – Spa & Salon Day Screenshots: