Download Book Photo Frame APK

Create book with photos of yourself by uploading images from your personal photo galleries or capturing new photos! With Book Photo Frame app all your photos will look great! You know how hard it is to find a good photo editing software that can make your images look sophisticated & elegant, so if you are looking for a picture editor that can do this you are in the right place! Download this pic lab with book picture frames that will make you so proud of images from your personal photo book album!

Amazing features:

◕ Different photo frames with pictures of books you can use to beautify your pics!
◕ A picture editing software with simple commands!
◕ Colorful picture frames for children & elegant pic frames for adults!
◕ Upload images from your device's storage or an SD card!
◕ Capture new photographs you will put in a book frame!
◕ 15 book frames with flawless design that will make your photos really special!
◕ 20 photo filter that will make your pictures even cooler!
◕ Fit your photo into a book photo frame by moving, rotating or zooming in & out!
◕ You can save edited images to your devices & keep them forever!
◕ Use these amazing edited photos as your personal wallpaper images!
◕ Share these creative photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social network!

◕ Free photo editor that does wonders with its unique book picture frames!
Imagine that you could transform your old pictures into something that will attract the attention of all of your friends on Facebook or Instagram? Photo effects & design of our newest book frames will do the magic trick and make you famous! You are just a few steps away from it! Get Book Photo Frame image editor, add book photo frames & effects to your dearest pics and start sharing! Once you feel the joy that comes with photo editing you won't go anywhere without this best free photo editing software!
◕ You can have your own personalised picture of a book with your face on the cover now!
Become a photo manipulation expert who creates only the best photo montage! When you combine books, photography & picture editing you get this perfect photo lab! Download Book Photo Frame and you will get all you need for making professional photographs decorated with book frames! If you like reading books this is the perfect way to show the world what books mean to you! Have a lot of photo fun in this free photo editor that will make you happy!

Book Photo Frame Screenshots: