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Elimination of the world's most popular game, you can play with a finger in the end!
Candy Happy, fast and simple elimination of the most fun games, not one, the game uses checkpoints mode, the difficulty and gameplay are constant innovation, players need to bang, to climb the peak.
Bid farewell to the traditional game of a Kind, lianliankan play, using different from the pop star's candy line elimination mode, more flexible on the play, players can play to achieve targets divergent thinking freely.

Players Recommended reason:

"Screen super sweet candy theme, female players favorite, Meng Meng da."
"Super easy, just connect two or more of the same color candy can be eliminated."
"High-quality design sense of the game level, and instantly tall on."
"Super gorgeous special effects lineup with lovely prompt."
"Perfect gaming experience, fun indices continue to soar."

Candy Happy, designed for mobile gamers born! Whether you are a novice or expert, here are suitable for you!
Happy in love with candy Diminshing music, Meme da! An up and pop candy bar!


Candy Happy Screenshots: