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Candy Smasher! – Crush Sweets just like Ninja smash Fruits

Best and only one real Candy Smasher on the market! And it’s FREE!

If you like fruit slicing but you don’t like the mess..
If you are a big fan of candy matching puzzle but you are not really fan of waiting..
If you enjoy smashing things but you are not sure if that is supposed to be ants..
If you are a natural born ninja warrior but sometimes you want to feel like a princess
– we’ve got something for you!

Sweet Crush lets you smash and crush candies – but instead of ugly mess you will turn them into sparkling sugar – jewel – glitter.

Sweet Crush is a new addictive and delicious arcade game that unites the best of sweet and tasty features of your favorite candy matching and challenges worth true ninja warriors.

In this crazy, yummy game you will destroy candies and colorful jelly beans with your sword – and turn them into sugar jewelry. It's fun, fun, fun and very much challenging.

How to play:
★ swipe your finger across the screen to crush colorful candies
★ avoid cute twinkle fluffy animals such as teddy bear, unicorn or furry narwhal
★ earn points for every hit and win more points the more candies are slashed with single swoosh
★ get all three stars by saving all three lives and getting enough points.
★ level up and get more new extra cool superpowers:
– slow down the time
– create mass destruction with explosive power of the bomb
– make your enemies heavier – so they cannot fly high enough to cause troubles
– get immortality!

★ Observation and reflex gameplay that helps with hand-eye coordination
★ Colorful HD graphics bursting with bright glitter powder
★ Tap shooter like gameplay – but instead of tapping everything that pops up on the screen you will be sliding your finger across the screen as a fleshy sword to slice it to bits
★ candies, sweets and jellybeans flying up the screen
★ fluffy toys – that you should avoid
★ no annoying time limits – play at your own pace

What we do like in it (and why it is even better that other ninja things):
★ This is totally FREE! It does not install any unwanted software and you can always remove it. So do not hesitate and download it!
★ Really addictive! Very delicious!
★ Unlimited use! No waiting!
★ It’s quick, simple and super fun
★ It is usefull: keeps the kids entertained and get them waiting at the clinic or hours in an airplane.
★ It’s great if you can’t decide whether you want to train your kids to be ninja or a princess.
★ It doesn’t contain any violence, blood, zombies, or any kind of horror that would scare the youngest players. It can be played with the whole family, kids and adults, and you don’t have to worry about any bad dreams after playing it.
★ it is insanely addicting and amusing – hard to put down once you start playing
★ It’s for all ages, girls and boys, kids and adults – it’s really family friendly
★ It’s available on smartphones and tablets – in fact it looks even better on tablets, especially if you prefer your dessert to be big!
It’s great if you are having a bad day and you want to clear your mind – and in fact – it is “a perfect bathroom entertainment”
★ completely free to play – and free from spam
★ This was brought to you by TOLAN. Stay tuned stay excited!

This game rocks! Enough talking. Go download it.


CANDY Screenshots:

Download Candy APK

Candy is an amazing game, of candy. If you like matching stuff and candies, then you will love Candy. Match your way throughout 85 levels. Test your puzzle skills and have lots of fun! You also have power-ups too!
What are you waiting for? Start having some Candy fun now!


– Over 80 levels.
– Great graphics.
– Smooth gameplay.
– Nice Sounds.
– 6 Power-ups for your enjoyment!


Candy Screenshots: