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Construction City Pixel Tower

Build the tallest building in the city is your purpose , so they can live all the inhabitants of the city. This game is simple , addictive and precision .

– Available for all versions of android .

– Classification rated the world. (Global and daily )

– Movement of people within buildings.

– Better graphics and brighter colors .

– Music and sound effects .

– Easy to play and for all ages .

– No internet connection required to play.

How playing Construction City Pixel Tower:

Build buildings in the city , citizens quickly inhabit each floor of the building when completed . The crane moves every level of the building touches the screen to drop right on top of the previous one, but will lose space for citizens and become terrace you will subtract points.

The crane moves fast normally , and rarely is slow, careful speed changes , do not drop a block into the air, this game will be lost .

Get the highest tower in the city of the giant blocks help yourself and the yellow block that will increase the size of a skyscraper.

The strategy of a good player
A skyscraper large size and thickness will give you more points , in which all citizens can live.

Make good use of the large blocks to your building be as wide as possible . A higher construction will give you the best score. Do not miss any piece of building levels trying to fit perfectly .

Avoid terraces, Sudan will not weight your building needs .

Adapt to changes in speed of the crane makes good extra blocks and blocks with supports to widen your house.

When the building is narrow , it is more difficult to fit the blocks , you have to play with more accuracy.

Construction City Pixel Tower, this is a game of precision and reflexes, very addictive , save and share your high score ranking local or global level .

Now with better graphics, more intense colors and movement of people inside the building, which makes it more real and fun.

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