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Here’s the newest puzzle game from Weedoo, creator of fun and educational games children and parents love.

Dinosaur Puzzle is a must have app for a child who loves puzzles and dinosaurs!

When playing this game, your child will journey into the wonderful world of dinosaurs… taken into the Jurassic era!

This awesome jigsaw puzzle game will entertain your child for hours and hours with so many different puzzles and dinosaurs to keep your little one busy. This cool game features 24 fun big creatures including:


What a fun way to learn the names of different dinosaurs!

Using drag-and-drop actions, the pieces of the puzzle can be arranged into the proper places to form the dinosaurs and once completed, the kids are rewarded with an exciting display of sounds and balloons. It has a simple interface that any kids of any age can easily master. It is simply an awesome puzzle game available in Google play!

This fun game will help develop your child’s spatial, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory as well as hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creativity. Dinosaur Puzzle is specifically created for toddlers. A simple and intuitive game, your child will absolutely have lots of fun while learning. What a lovable puzzle game for preschool and toddlers!

Puzzle Game Features:
– Easy to use and control interface
– Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces
– High quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 3 to 7
– It has 24 stages with 4 difficulty levels for each puzzle
– After completing each level, toddlers get to play a balloon popping mini game
– Large pieces of puzzle so it’s easy for kids to pick and move
– Features attention grabbing sounds and music
– Works on any android phone or tablet

This game is brought to you by Weedoo, a creative gaming company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our goal is to create games for toddlers that are both entertaining and develop learning skills for kids. Our game apps are designed especially for toddlers and preschoolers, with brightly-colored effects that will keep them delighted.

Dinosaur Puzzle Screenshots:

Download Dinosaur Puzzle APK

Ready to play jigsaw puzzle game with prehistoric dinosaurs?
* dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game is a classical puzzle game which helps develop coordination skills for children.
* Play with your children to help them improve their coordination while having fun!
* dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game contains many pre historic dinosaurs and much more!
* dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game is a game for all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and teens.

At first you will see all puzzle pieces scattered in the board.
Place the pieces in the right place and they will lock automatically.
Finish the puzzle to unlock the next level.
Finish the puzzle as fast as possible to get high score!

– 28 different level for various difficulty levels.
– dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game develops recognition, concentration and motor skills of kid.
– great sounds.
– 13 different dinosaur images.
– dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game has lots of pictures of cute dogs and much more!
– High score for each level.
– Time bonus.
– Develop memory and coordination with fun game play.

* Simple intuitive and user friendly interface designed for children.
* dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game is also optimized for tablets (provide HD pictures).
* dinosaur jigsaw puzzle game will entertain your kids for hours.

Dinosaur Puzzle Screenshots: