Download Don’t Tap The White Tiles 4 APK

This is the latest Android on the market, the most fun, do not step up to play the white pieces 4!

"Don't Tap The White Tiles" is one of the hottest game before, I believe we have played, but also fun and easy to play music while the majority of players love at hand; Now, we bring you the "Don't Tap The White Tiles 4 ", it is not only the continuation of the "Don't Tap The White Tiles" feature, also increased the variety of play, the picture is more beautiful, it will definitely be a new round of white pieces boom.

Gameplay remains the same: the normal mode can not touch the white pieces, the other color combinations can not be met under the red pieces.

Don't Tap The White Tiles 4 has 27 kinds (23 + 4) well-designed game modes, mode of presentation:
– CLASSIC MODE: the fastest to complete 50 pieces.
– [Arcade Mode]: There are no restrictions, see how many points you could get, note that the speed will be faster.
– [Zen mode]: limit of 30 seconds, to see how much you can step on the grid.
– [Speed ??Mode]: speed becomes more blocks, see your average speed can reach much.
– [Adventure mode]: red plaid dangerous black plaid mixed in the middle, do not touch them.
– [Race Mode]: 10 seconds per game to complete a certain number of pieces, if it has a surplus of time, the cumulative to the next round, and so on. See if you can play the first few off, note that the target number will increase.
– [Relay Mode]: needs to be done within 10 seconds 50 black pieces, and then play it until he came to the end of the white block or time.
– [Hell Mode]: Tremble, pots friends. 6 rows hell mode 6, you need 10 fingers and use.
– [Battle Mode]: the same stage PK Bar, Sao year!
– [Colorful Mode]: The color of the grid instead of the original black plaid, eye protection, to avoid fatigue
– [Double arrogance mode]: double pieces, waiting for you to challenge.
– [Mode] Lightning: Lightning storm approaching, the night falls, everything can only rely on your intuition.
– Three modes [small]: history of the most challenging mini three modes, you can conquer her so.
– [Cheap bird pattern]: pixel perfect blend of white birds and pieces, everything seemed so natural, so wonderful.
– [Frozen Mode]: From Polar ice dusty Millennium enchantment, feel the roar of the millennium together outside of it.
– [Side Entry mode]: side entry, general feeling of flying.
– [Heartbeat Mode]: "bang, bang bang," every heartbeat, love and hate are entangled, it is the test of life and death.
– [Roller coaster pattern]: straight to the sky and crashed into the bottom, rainbow night rhythm.
– [Mode] Parkour: Perfect integration of the currently most popular parkour game modes, experience is not the same white block journey.

Warning, this game is too easy to indulge with obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-control bad people, please be careful!


Don’t Tap The White Tiles 4 Screenshots: