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***** 100% ORIGINAL SLOTS GAME *****
Dragon Evo Slots is the BEST ORIGINAL slot machine game. You have never seen any slot machine game like this before! The first slots theme is the Dragon Eggs, and as you progress through the slot machine world, your dragon will keep on evolving!

Dragon Egg -> Baby Dragon -> Teen Dragon -> To Adult Dragon and all the way until you reach the final level, SUPER DRAGONS!

Here are what a few users are saying about Dragon Evo Slots:

I love it ★★★★★
Dragon plus slot game. Perfect combination for me. Keep up good work

Wow it's fantastic ★★★★★
Superb slots game! The theme is great and everything from graphics to music get you in the right mood. Love the huge payouts and the bone games. The best parts about the bonus games are that you can keep on playing them many times in a row.

Really fun ★★★★
There are a lot of slot machine apps available, but this one is right near the top in terms of ease of use & fun factor. A portrait mode would be nice. The payout seems so so this far.

Slot fun ★★★★
Great graphics and colorization. This app is a mini Vegas. It's a great game to pass the time or even play with friends. The sound effects and music is cool. The mini card table game is also fun. Makes me miss Vegas. At least with this game, I can take a piece of it wherever I go.

nice game ★★★★★
It is a fun and addictive slots game. i highly recommended.

Fun ★★★★
it is quick fun, typical 777 games and with some dragon concept is plus. love it.

Fun ★★★★
Fun slot game! I like the bonus games that pop up every now and then. The ads can be a little annoying, but autospins will still go on in the background.

Wow ★★★★★
I really like this game. It is so much fun!

Great ★★★★★
If you are looking for high quality slot game then this game is for you. Worth to download game. Get it.

Excellent game ★★★★
I was searching for cool slots game and I got this super cool dragon slots game. Game is highly addictive. Highly recommended game.

Good theme, so-so rewards system ★★★★
This slot machine app has a beautiful dragon theme, it has really nice graphics and visuals. That is the positive side of it :). I just think the reward system needs some fixing. Even with max lines you don't end up winning that often or that much and it bums me out and I'm sure others when winning stops or is very slow.
satisfying ★★★★★

Well designed for high rollers ★★★★
Dragon Evo Slots is well designed, in that it offers a lot of features (games, bonus rounds etc) for people who know the ins and outs of slot machine play. Tons of interfaces give you loads of information from personal statistics, to what makes each tile unique. That said I was a bit overwhelmed, and wished the game introduced me to its features a little slower, rather than leaving me to do all the exploring myself. Never the less, as other users have said the graphics and animations are top notch, and the dragon theme is pretty adorable. A few small fixes including a sound fix (why does it stop so abruptly when the slots come to a stop?) would be appreciated but aren't a big deal at all. Overall 4/5

HUGE PAYOUTS, FUN BONUS GAMES & FREE COINS! Welcome to Dragon Evolution Slots. We bring the feeling from a LAS VEGAS CASINO to your handheld device!

These slot machine games play just like they do in the real casino – Easy to understand, big wins and amazing bonuses!


Dragon Evo Slots Features:
– Many awesome slot machines
– Fantastic bonus games
– The best payouts, 97% payback
– Level up and grow your dragons
– No internet connection required!
– Very realistic casino games
– 5 reels slots game
– 30 lines betting
– Multiple BONUS games
– Auto spin options

and much, much more!

Download it now and experience all the fun in your own pocket sized casino slot machine game! Bet, gamble, spin and sooner or later you will hit that big win!

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