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Do you have what it takes to be the next big thing in drumming? Can you be the next Mike Portnoy, Carter Beauford, Ian Paice or Cobus? Brush up those drumming skills with Drums – the latest drumming application of its kind on Google Play.

✔Kids game for 3 year old and 4 year old game

Drums features a complete 13 piece real simulation drum kit, giving users true to life like experience and the ability to create real drumming compositions. You no longer have to own a real life drum set to play one, with drums you can have your very own state of the art drum kit with Toms, Cymbals, Kicks, Snares, Hats, Rides and crashes.

Making music has never been this easy and fun, with Drums, you have your drum kit with you 24/7.


✔ 13 Piece drum kit simulation with accurate sounds for;
✔ Cymbals
✔ Snare
✔ Toms
✔ Hats
✔ Kicks
✔ Crashes
✔ Rides
✔ Studio audio quality
✔ Complete acoustic drum kit
✔ Lag free multi-touch support that gives the user real life like experience
✔ Colorful, vibrant visuals and easy to use interface
✔ Completely free – no strings attached

Drums – Copyright © ICAW – 2013


Drums Screenshots:

Download Drums APK

Simple emulator drumkit drums and convenience.
Functionalities and features:
1 button "MOVE", which allows arbitrarily move the elements of the scene, including the button itself.
2 Auto saves the scene.
3 Can be installed on a memory card.
4 Works on all screen resolutions.
5 Without advertising.
6 Does not require special permissions.

We welcome any comments and suggestions.`

Drums Screenshots: