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This catalog encompasses over 800 apps for dozens of languages we have developed for translation purposes, language studies, speed-reading courses, and games. It includes Dictionaries, Phrasebooks, Idioms, Irregular Verbs, SpeedReading course, Crosswords, FlashCards, illustrated Dictionaries and Language Teachers, U-Learn courses, Text Translators, Vocabulary Builders, PhotoText input method to extract texts from pictures, application Suites, and SAT preparation courses.

• Dictionaries: Speak entries out loud with a real human voice. Translations complete with grammar information, comments, and examples.
• Picture Dictionary: Displays pictures of related words and provides translations and human voice pronunciation in 39 languages. The words are arranged by topics.
• Universal Translator: The application combines over 180 languages with cross-language translation functionality. Romanized translations presented for "complex" languages will help you speak the translation immediately. Includes TrueVoice technology, Part-of-speech labels, Transcriptions, and History function.
• Language Teacher®: An extremely powerful linguistic tool for those who want to master a foreign language and learn to communicate fluently. There are four sections in Language Teacher: Alphabet, Words, Phrases, and Dialogs. Each section is comprised of several stages.
• Language Teacher PixWord: The combination of speech recognition and speech analysis, based on native-speaker models, lets you improve your pronunciation and remove your accent. The words are arranged by topics, illustrated by pictures, and pronounced fluently in your language choice.
• U-Learn: This application will help you enlarge your vocabulary quickly and have you speaking a foreign language in no time via the hands/eyes free tutoring system.
• U-Learn Advanced: You will be offered 15 courses with a combined duration of approximately 20 hours. The application estimates your pronunciation using the speech recognition technology and tracks your progress.
• SAT/TOEFL: This application will help students with SAT preparation through SAT words, roots, math terms, critical reading and sentence completion, grammar, vocabulary, math problem solving, and essay hints.
• SpeedReading: This course will train you to read more efficiently, productively, and much faster than ever before! Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master.
• Interactive English Course: Interactive exercises with human-narrated examples of pronunciation plus a speech recognition functionality will help you quickly master the English language.
• Photo Translator: Get the text entered using your Android-powered device's camera! The app converts images into editable text.
• Text Translator: Supports the ECTACO® C-­Pen® hand-held scanner, Google voice typing, and keyboard. You can listen to the pronunciation of the source text or its translation.
• Suites: A combination of the Talking Dictionary, Talking Phrasebook, Language Teacher, and 39-Cross-Language Picture Dictionary.
• Linguistic Crosswords: These are fascinating linguistic puzzles!
• FlashCards: The face of a card shows the source word translation or definition, and the reverse side shows the source word. The Pockets, Translation Test and Spell-It-Right games are also included.
• Vocabulary Builder: This educational game will improve your spelling skills and enhance your personal vocabulary.
• English Idioms: Over 200 widely used American idioms and their equivalents or translations. Real human voice in English and other languages.
• German Idioms: Over 200 widely used German idioms and their equivalents or translations in Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Slovak.
• Phrasebooks: Substitute for an interpreter in standard situations. For easy reference, the phrases are arranged by topics.
• English Verbs: Verbs, along with their forms, are fluently pronounced.
• German Verbs: Verbs, along with their forms, are fluently pronounced.

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