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A world named Ball was a quiet and happy place until was invaded by their main enemy.. the evil hand, the most terrible hand of the universe whose only desire is to capture them, all. Help to Bolasarín to escape as far as possible and avoid that the hand can reach its dark purpose.

Slide your finger on the screen and pushes to Bonino where you want. You'll find powers that will help you to escape faster. Use the power of destruction to avoid uncomfortable road hazards. Capture the supreme propulsion to move like a comet and get all the coins you can or use the magnet to attract them.

Beware of road hazards. The cars will make you stumble, UFOs and air balloons that will not let you jump freely, go out of the crane hook to find a quick exit and be carefull with the fog that will affect your vision.

Look carefully at the awards, you could capture an anti-power and stop moving as you wanted. The wind will show you the power of nature and if you are distracted instead of advance your direction could be the opposite. The anti-power of anvil increases the weight and you will not jump so easily. The plume will reduce your weight to zero and you will float without control of your movements.

Use coins collected to increase the time of powers, decrease the time of anti-powers and buy wonderful avatars that will make you look like you're on halloween. Also will grant you more time with powers and less time of anti-power.


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