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Join 12 exciting games with EXO members!

Challenges after challenges. Could you against EXO's "super power"

FEATURE 12 rounds:

1. Kris – Remember Me: Maybe this the last time you meet Kris as a member of EXO.. So this should be a meaningful game. Remebering happy times we had together.
2. Se Hun – Tap Order: How to play a Wind Controller's game? Just follow his order. But do it EXACTLY!
3. Tao – Yes Or No: The Time Master test your knowledge about EXO. The question is not difficult, but the pressure of time is tough!
4. Kai – Catch Me: How could you catch a guy can Teleport?
5. Chen – Memory Flip: Chen use his super power: Duplication. Yes, his duplicate himself.
6. D.O – Gravity: Fight the Gravity of Earth Control!
7. Lay – Find Differences: Watch out, it's not real – just illusions are created by Lay. That's his Memory Manipulation power
8. Chan Yeol – Music Cocktail: What does fire bring? Light, warm for good, and chaos for bad!
9. Lu Han – Taken Card: Lu Han use his ability: Telekinesis to take a card away. Could you guess which one?
10. Baek Hyun – Knowledge: Do you know the greatest light for human? It's knowledge!
11. Xiu Min – The Song: I can bring the cold, I can hold the ice… But even with my super power, my heart would be frozen if you do not remember our songs!
12. Su Ho – Pic to Song: If you want to pass my game, keep your mind open!


EXO the GAME Screenshots: