Download Familia (Find my phone) APK

Welcome to Familia!
The application that will protect you, your family and friends.

With Familia you can locate your lost or stolen device from another mobile phone. You will be able to locate your family and friends locations (in future versions).

Track your stolen or lost phone!
Free anti theft solution for your Android. When you wonder if you can ever find your phone, this is the app for you!

✔ Password protect the application settings from unauthorized changes
✔ Send SMS commands and receive SMS notifications with your phone's last location and map link
✔ Send SMS commands to control your phone and GPS
✔ Prevent Familia removal from the device by enabling advanced security settings
✔ Panic button – sound a loud alarm and flash the device display and camera flash
✔ Automatically capture picture on unauthorized device access (on each device password entry failure) or remotely from the dashboard – help you identify possible unauthorized holder of your lost phone
✔ Automatically upload pictures to server or by remote command from the dashboard
✔ Email notifications

SMS Commands:
✔ Get your phone last location
✔ Remotely activate your GPS
✔ Instruct your phone to call you back
✔ Lock your phone remotely
✔ Activate the alarm remotely

Next versions will add more SMS commands, GPS and memory control, phone security options and social capabilities between family members and friend groups.


Familia (Find my phone) Screenshots: