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A traditional board game from Madagascar (which was recently featured in Assassin's Creed III (*)). Unusual features include the ability to capture a line of opponents either by approaching them or by withdrawing from them. Supports two-player play. Includes a leaderboard and achievements. Supports Samsung multiwindow.

Includes a colorblind mode (see the checkbox under Settings). Note that there is a limitation: to switch in or out of colorblind mode, you have to rotate the device, or restart the app.

(Common misspellings: Fanarona, Fanorana.)

This is the free version; there are no ads. The paid version is still available if you want to contribute, but includes no extra features.

Privacy policy:

Fanorona collects statistics on your wins for the leaderboard. However, these statistics are not associated with your real identity; a random identifier is generated for each user. Of course, they are associated with the name you choose in settings; but you are free to use a pseudonym there, or give no name and default to anonymous. In addition, the leaderboard logs your IP address when you win a game. I have been unable to get Google App Engine to stop this logging, but I have set it to discard the log after one day, and I promise not to use the IP address for any purpose, or to disclose it to any third party.

(*) Assassin's Creed III is a trademark of Ubisoft, to which I have no connection.


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