Download Four in a Row HD APK

"One of the best (and more complex) puzzle games on Android" Android Zoom review

"It's a really great game and contains many more features than your standard board/casual/strategy game" Comment from user Kieran

Innovation meets the classic Four in a Row game. This feature packed game will squeeze your brain for hours thanks to 400+ unique puzzles, different rulesets and board sizes, online multiplayer and cool themes.

Play solo or with a friend, in a phone or a tablet, in the board you like most from plastic to wood and colored pencils.

Already a Pro in the game? Welcome aboard! Switch to the hard AI and get ready for real brain action. Or try the skill-based matchmaking for intense games online.

The game features all you expect from a high quality release: portrait and landscape modes, unlimited undo moves, install to SD, MyBackup integration support and it's ready for Jelly Bean devices like Nexus, Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

For support issues, please contact me via email or in my website as Android developers's are not able to reply to comments in the Store.

PERMISSIONS: Full Internet Access. Required for the online multiplayer feature. Riddles and game variations are ad-supported. While playing in standard rules modes (against AI or another player sharing the screen), there's no Internet usage. Play Store billing permission to enable in-app purchase to remove ads and unlock new variations via a one-time purchase (Premium).

ALSO KNOWN AS: vier gewinnt, Four Up, Plot Four, Find Four, Four in a Line, puissance, forza

– I CAN'T BEAT THE MACHINE! The AI might be pretty difficult, try playing the riddles as they teach you the strategy behind the game from easier riddles to more difficult.

– I'VE WON 20 TIMES IN A ROW. Sure, if you find the strategy to beat the machine and repeat it 20 times, you'll win 20 times. Maybe it's time for you to play the hardest riddles and play online. The more you play online, the better the opponents you'll get thanks to the skill based matchmaking. There are pretty good players out there.

PLEASE RATE and comment if you like this implementation to support it or email me if there is anything wrong as I can't reply to comments in the Store. Thanks!


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