Download Galaxy S5 FingerPrint Lock Scr APK

Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Lock Screen is an app which enables you to Lock/Unlock your phone with the help of touching effects on scanning area using your Thumb/Fingers!

Features :-

–> Shows Date & Time on the Lock screen.
–> Contains sound at Locking & Unlocking time.
–> Contains HD images for Backgrounds.
–> Vibrate on Lock/Unlock screen.
–> Shows Network operator and Battery percentage.
–> It gives your phone a look of Galaxy S5.
–> Supports android 2.3 + above android versions
–> compatible with 99% devices

Must read before using this app (How To Use) :-

–> To enable Lock Screen Click on Start lock Screen Button
–> Put your finger/thumb on scanning area to unlock screen & quickly remove your finger while 4 beep completes.
–> By default scanning beep is set to 4 times. You can set the number of Beeps to unlock your phone as per your need if you set 6 beeps let the lock screen beep 6 times.
–> We have added some adds to support our developer team in setting.

This app does not actually scan your fingerprint and is not for security purposes. You can have fun with your friends with this app.


This app is neither affiliated or endorsed by Samsung. If anyone of you find any image copyrighted in our app kindly let us know we will remove that image in our next Update.


Galaxy S5 FingerPrint Lock Scr Screenshots: