Download Gomoku League APK

Gomoku League: It’s you against four AI players in the game of Gomoku. Your goal is to become the #1 player in the league.

Gomoku is a strategy game for two players. Players alternate turns. The first player to form a line of five markers wins. A line can be vertical, horizontal, or along a diagonal. Gomoku is a fast-paced game that is ideally suited for play on a mobile device.

– Four levels of AI players
The first level is ideal for learning how to play Gomoku. Higher levels test you to see just how good you are.
– AI versus AI
Besides playing against the computer, you can pit one AI player against another to see who is the better player.
– Replay
Use the Replay screen to study the most recently completed game. Find out what you did right or what you did wrong. Play back or fast forward through the moves of the game.
– Advice
Use the Advice module to help you think through your moves.
– Private league, not online.
Your competition is right there on your device. No waiting for other players to be online.
– Standings
The standings show each player’s record and rating. The rating number is a number like the rating used for chess players. When you win a game, your rating goes up and your opponent's goes down.

Gomoku League runs on phones and tablets.

Gomoku League Screenshots: