Download Grocery Shopping List: Listick APK

Grocery shopping list with cloud sync, widget, expense tracking, and much more!

♥ With Listick, you will forget about paper lists forever!
♥ After spending my last grocery store visit using Listick, I grabbed everything that I needed and managed to get through Whole Foods in record time.

Listick (Grocery Mate 2.0) makes shopping easy, fast and enjoyable. This app helps you spend less time in the store, remember to buy everything you and your family need, and even track your expenses! There’s an abundance of shopping list apps available, Listick gives you much more. Combining slick design with impressive features, it’s beautiful and easy-to-use!

Easily create as many lists as you’d like! With templates you may create complete list just in one tap. A built-in database of items suggests goods as you type, and you add them to your list with a tap of a finger. The app automatically identifies the relevant category/department, making shopping faster than ever before.

Want to always have your list at hand? Add a widget to your desktop, so you can cross off purchased items and browse your shopping lists on the go. You can even add an item to a current list or create a new list right from your desktop.

Lists created and updated under one account are automatically synchronized across all of your devices and the web in real time. Now you can send your spouse shopping and add items to the list after they’ve left!

Keep track of your spending by dates and by categories. Plus, thanks to this handy feature, you can transfer the total cost of your shopping from the list to Expenses with just one tap. It's the fastest and easiest way to track your daily expenses for groceries and other products. You can even add your own categories!

More features:
☆ Real-time notifications on list changes
☆ Creating lists from incoming SMS
☆ Filter items by category or department
☆ Marking top priority items
☆ Cross out goods as you go
☆ Add prices, measurement units, and comments using app settings
☆ Use and edit existing lists
☆ Change list design themes
☆ Send lists by SMS or via e-mail
☆ Voice input of items
Thank you for choosing Listick! Try the full version for FREE for 15 days. In 15 days, you’ll be able to:
• Buy the full version (with unlimited lists, synchronization in the cloud, lists’ sharing, widget, expense tracking, and more!)
• Buy necessary features

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