Download Gunship Assault Free APK

Take control of the worlds most lethal helicopter gunships in this fast paced, action packed 3d simulator.

Use you miniguns, radar guided missiles and air to surface missiles to take out a variety of enemy opponents.

Go head to head with enemy elicopter gunships, shoot mobile sam launchers, gunboats, enemy terrorist insugents and scud launchers.
Fight your way across 3 massive levels including deserts, canyons and arctic tundras.

Buckle up pilot, your tour of duty starts here!

We recommend a processor of at least 1ghz to play this game. Lesser processors will run the game but you may
need to use lower quality graphic settings and performance may be reduced. For optimal quality we recommend a dual core device

We hope you enjoy this game. But if you dont, or find a bug please let us know so we can improve it:


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