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***New*** Your gynaecological surgery on Cloud,

iObstetrics Pro is the simplest, most innovative and safest application for managing the professional activity of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

A tool completely designed for the Specialist, it is able to monitor and synchronise the progress of every patient's pregnancy from their Pc, SmartPhone or Tablet.
iObstetrics Pro encompasses all the functions needed to care for your patients until delivery, today is the most complete in the world!

Thanks to the Statistics section each doctor will be able to monitor their own activity. Furthermore, to protect the privacy of each professional, iObstetrics Pro will record the data inserted in a private space, which no one else will be able to access.

The uses of iObstetrics Pro in detail:
– Duo Date Calculator
– Amenorrhoea period and approximate CRL
– Sonographic Dating Calculator
– Calculation of sonographic differences
– Sonographic Age Age and Expected delivery date
– Private Database of your own patients
– Monitoring synchronised to each patient
– Personal notes on visits or prescriptions
– Patient management by name, week or pregnancy trimester
– Planning appointments synchronised with the system's calendar
– Foetal biometry synchronised to each patient
– Foetal Biometry synchronised to each patient
– Doppler synchronised to each patient
– Activity statistics broken down into weeks/months/trimesters/years
– Calculation of weight of the foetus using 3 different formulas

iObstetrics Pro, an ordinary support tool for extraordinary professionals!

iObstetrics Pro Screenshots: