Download Just Find The Difference APK

Just Find The Difference is a classic concentration practice and attention exercise for kids and adults. Most famous of all picture puzzles: find the difference in 2 pictures, all-time famous visual attention trainer. If you like old school entertainment, it's a perfect game for teens that don't like games!

Compare two pictures, keep focus and spot the difference as quickly as you can – a champion among children's educational games. The game is appropriate for all ages: from toddlers to adults. Train your comparative attention span and Just Find The Difference!

HOW TO PLAY: Click on the difference spot on the left picture, when you find all the next picture would load
Just Find The Difference features:
* Absolutely new pleasant art: find differences 2014
* Classic puzzle game for kids and adults
* Increasing difficulty
* Challenging time limit

If you enjoy classic learning games and developmental games for kids, you will definitely enjoy Just Find The Difference!


Just Find The Difference Screenshots: