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Take care of these super cute kittens!

Kitten dress up is the top girls game for dressing up your cat it has been played by millions of players on the internet and now its on your mobile device, Kitten dressup is a cute free pet care game. If you love kittens, cats and taking care of baby animals, you will love Kitten Dress up!

It's your first day at the kitty-grooming studio and your job is to take care of these adorable kittens so they will stay healthy and clean.

Bath Time!
These playful kitties have dirtied their fur and now need to visit a pet salon. Give them a bath by using shampoo to wash out the dirt and a shower to wash away the foamy bubbles. Use the towel to get them dry and sparkly clean.

Time For Foods!
You know what all cats and kittens love? Milk of course! Pour your kitty some fresh milk and watch as they lap it all up. So cute!

Stroke Your Kitty!
Nothing gets a cat purring quicker than being stroked by a cat lover!

Oh No! Is Your Kitten Sick?
If your kitten gets ill then get out the first aid and make them all better again by curing them. Kiss them better when you're done to make them happy.

Time to Dress Up!
Make your kitten extra cute with some adorable accessories. Choose from colorful collars, bows and shiny bracelets.

Game Features:
>Visit the pet studio to care for your own kitten!
>Adopt your own baby cat pet.
>Select your kitty with a funky moustache!
>Treat them to pet spa salon and groom their fur.
>Feed them when they are hungry.
>Cure them when they are sick.
>Dress them in cute accessories.
>Keep them happy and healthy!

What You Get With Kitten Dress Up:
>4 kittens.
>9 stages to care for your own lion pet.
>12 cute accessories to give your pet
>Kitten Dress Up is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.
>Enjoy and care for your kitten!

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