Download LastQuake – EMSC Earthquakes APK

LastQuake is the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) official earthquakes app. This app is designed by seismologists for the general public, earthquake witnesses and the scientific community.
There are only about 1000 earthquakes of interest to the public each year but this is a tiny fraction of the total, 97% of the earthquakes around the world are detected only by instruments. Using direct access to the results of the EMSC seismic rapid detection tools, LastQuake presents primarily these significant earthquakes.

The EMSC is a non-profit scientific organization created in 1975 which federates 84 seismological institutes from 55 different countries. It offers rapid earthquake information to the public and international organizations.
The EMSC aims to reach the eyewitnesses and encourage them to fill in their earthquake questionnaire and send in relevant photos. These are added to publicly shared data about each event and help to assess earthquakes’ impacts.

* Real time data
* “Significant” earthquakes list (earthquakes known to be felt as detected by the EMSC seismic rapid detection tools)
* “Near Me” earthquakes list (customizable)
* “All” earthquakes list (full list of the earthquakes around the world published by EMSC)
* PTWC Tsunami Info and Tsunami Watch displayed in the lists when applicable (by tsunami icon)
* Colors allow seeing at a glance the effects of an earthquake (8 levels including 2 for tsunamigenic earthquakes)
* Customizable date formats (UTC, time at the epicenter or time in your device)
* Customizable push notifications (destructive earthquakes, “around me” earthquakes)
* Details about each earthquake: depth, localization, main closest cities, population
* Social media sharing via all the social apps installed in your device
* See comments and pictures by witnesses
* EMSC map, street map, aerial map for each earthquake (zoom in/zoom out)
* Map of the seismicity in the region for each earthquake (data from the exclusive EMSC database)
* Global map of the earthquakes around the world
— Fill in the rapid questionnaire to help seismologists: instant assessment of the earthquake by clicking an illustration
— Your comment and/or picture published at the same time on the EMSC website and in your Twitter / Facebook
* No ads!
* LastQuake supports two languages: English and French

EMSC is a NGO. If you wish to support our organization, you will able to buy the paid version of the app available soon in this store. If you can help to translate this app in the following languages, please contact us:
— Spanish
— Italian
— Greek`

LastQuake – EMSC Earthquakes Screenshots: