Download Lebanese Army – LAF Shield APK

The Lebanese Army owns no other application than LAF Shield: Lebanese Armed Forces Shield, and the use of the “Lebanese Army” title in any language for any application and electronic field is strictly forbidden under penalty of legal action.

This application aims at opening a channel of communication between citizens and the “Lebanese Army” in order to efficiently fight crime, therefore any misuse, alteration or attempted violation of this application may subject its perpetrator to legal pursuit.

Your feedback is important to us. We value and appreciate receiving your compliments, suggestions or complaints so that we can improve our services.

Main features:
-Report directly to LAF any crime,Incident,Suspicious activities or Bomb.
-LAF Shield: Swipe and Initiate a stress call, SOS Request.
-Danger Zones Locator using Google Maps.
-List of Suspects and wanted people.
-Latest News of LAF: Lebanese Armed Forces.
-Gallery: Latest pictures and videos
and many more..

Requirements: you should have Internet connection 3g or Wi-Fi in order to use Lebanese Armed Forces application.

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Lebanese Army – LAF Shield Screenshots: