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If you are bored of playing the old fashioned food maker apps then try this one . Laughing Rocket Introduces a new trend in the market . Lunch Box Maker is a new , unique , fun filled game in Which you have to prepare a lunch box from scratch . You are completely on your own, no mother , no cook , no one is going to help you do this . While preparing the lunch box you'll come across various exciting activities, some of Which are Mentioned below .

Interesting Features:
 – Selecting the shape and color of the lunch box .
 – Selecting the main course meal you wish to add in the lunch box .
 – Cooking the selected main course meal , adding Which things you like .
 – Do not add cheese if you are health conscious . Do not add ketchup if you like it the traditional way . Do not add vegetables if you do not like them ..
 – Do not forget to wash the potatoes before you peel them off and slice them for cooking .
 – Add the oil in the saucepan and place the sliced ​​potatoes in the pan .
 – Bring out the fries from the pan once they are cooked and place them in your selected box .
 – Choose your dip Which you'll like to have with the fries .
 – That's not it , before packing the lunch box you always have the option of stuffing some side dishes in the lunch box .
 – Fill in the extra spaces in the lunch box with donuts , cookies, cupcakes, sweets , ..
 – Then you can select your drink Also , the one you'll prefer having today .
 This is an amazing app . Not only the children but the parents are Also gonna love this game . Let the kid himself / herself decides what he / she is taking for lunch . The brilliant graphics and beautifully simulated cooking world is going to make it more fun . Just download this game and take control of your lunch box right away .

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