Download Lungs Doctor Real Surgery Game APK

Lungs Doctor Real Surgery Game is the super and full-time educational game for small kids. In this game, doctor is required to go through the proper medical procedures and perform the lung surgery in order to cure the problems of their patients.

Lungs Doctor Real Surgery Game is a first-hand realistic surgery experience which will broaden your kid’s brain and let them enjoy the role of the professional lungs doctor. With the help of equipped medical machinery, patients will go through all stages of lungs treatment in surgery room. This game is completely different from other doctor games like brain doctor, heart doctor, ear doctor, leg doctor, stomach doctor and nose doctor.

With the use of realistic surgical equipments, doctor will check the body temperature, heartbeat, and blood pressure of the patient. After completing the basic health check-up, the doctor will going to perform lungs surgery by removing harmful germs and scar from the patient’s lungs in the surgery room.

So stop being tired of other doctor games and start experiencing the virtual clinic of Lungs Surgeon. Lungs Doctor Real Surgery Game is the best surgical logbook game which is completed dissimilar from other surgery games like heart surgery, virtual knee surgery, brain surgery, stomach and arm surgery. This is the free app for your little girls and boys.

How to play
√ Call your patient from the waiting area
√ Perform the routine healthcheck; which may include body temperature, ecg, blood pressure, heartbeat and
pulse rate
√ Now cut the patient’s skin with the help of laser to see the inside organs for lungs surgery
√ Remove the dust and germ thoroughly
√ Get the scars and pimples removed with an injection
√ With an air pump machine replace the lungs carefully
√ Make them workable by filling in the blood
√ Lastly, stitch the skin

Game features
√ Educational game
√ Variety of Equipped Machinery
√ Virtual Lungs Treatment
√ Easy and Addictive
√ Fast Downloading
√ High Quality Sound Effects

If you love playing medical games then start downloading to experience this awesome informative game and become a professional lungs surgeon. Your little doctor love to experience the virtual surgical world.


Lungs Doctor Real Surgery Game Screenshots: