Download Maher Drums Studio APK

Maher Drums Studio is the perfect app with everything you need to create and edit your rhythms. This app is combination of the virtual drums and the rhythm machine with a lot of advanced options.

– 12 channels rhythm machine
– Edit mode
– Record mode
– Multitouch support
– Copy, cut, paste – lock and unlock sections
– Zoom horizontal and vertical
– Tempo
– Volume
– Tact
– Length
– Repeat
– Save and load local in the folder by your wish
– Download online rhythms and publish your works online
– 75 perfect samples
– Move instruments by your wish
– 3 dimension animation for live play for each instrument
– Complete acoustic drum kit – bass, snare, floor, crash cymbals, hi-hats, ride cymbals, tom-tom and open hi-hat..

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Maher Drums Studio Screenshots: