Download Match: Matchstick Puzzles APK

Crazy interesting matchstick game only for this sensei! This match puzzle you can swerve and win. Welcome to the thor game Match: Matchstick Puzzles.

This is a real kingdom of logic to sensei. How to place matchsticks in these tasks to win puzzles with matches? Include your logic. Have time to put matchsticks so that the response to thor task was correct frontier. Begin match puzzle. This is the most intricate puzzles with matches game Match: Matchstick Puzzles!

What should I do in this simple, but at first glance complex thor game Match: Matchstick Puzzles? It's very simple! See matchstick and tasks that need to swerve? Think how to swerve matchsticks, to task for frontier proved to be correct. Do not hurry, sensei, think carefully about the job. Play on the frontier logic.

Begin to guess the correct position and swerve in the game Match: Matchstick Puzzles. You can do puzzles with matches! Enjoy the game!


Match: Matchstick Puzzles Screenshots: