Download Meteo Maps Weather APK

MeteoMaps is an application that lets you know the current weather and traffic in real time of all cities in the world, so simple and fun.
Thanks to its map, you can search for all locations of your choice and add weather information with a simple touch on the point of interest.
In addition, with its nice widget, you can customize the display of your device in order to keep an eye on the weather of your favorite city, updating the information when you want it with a simple touch.

Main Features

• View the weather and traffic information on Google maps (version 2);
• Choose between normal view and satellite map;
• Choose the locations for which weather information is shown on the map by a simple touch on the point of interest;
• View detailed weather information with a simple touch on the icons added on the map;
• Slider in the detail screen, to display the weather information of the days subsequent to the current;
• Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature;
• Localization for language of the weather information;
• Share the weather information on Facebook and Twitter;
• Widgets with weather information of the additions on the map.

Version 1.0.6

• Review graphics of the widget
• Bug fix and optimizations

Version 1.0.5

• Added a screen with forecasts broken down by day and night
• Added information on humidity and wind
• Added a timeout for the localization
• Fixed a problem updating the widget
• Optimizations various

Version 1.0.4

• Fixed a crash on some devices

Version 1.0.3

• Fixed compatibility issue with Tablets
• Enhancement of the tutorial
• Various optimizations and bug fix

Version 1.0.2

• Compatibility with display low/middle/high density;
• Improved and simplified the positioning of the markers on the map;
• Filtering "favorites" with automatic positioning.
• Added a simple tutorial;
• Some bugs fixed.

Version 1.0.1

• Improved the accuracy of the location on the map;
• Some bugs fixed.


Meteo Maps Weather Screenshots: