Download Meteo Sat Viewer – free APK

Meteo Sat Viewer, show you satellite views over the following world areas:

– Japan
– Western North Pacific
– South East Asia
– Oceania
– Northern Indian Ocean
– Europe
– United States (including alaska)
– Puerto Rico
– South America

It also shows animation of the last 5 hours and provides 4 IR cameras to see different details about perturbations

Europe has infrared camera

Europe images of Meteo Sat Viewer are a gentle courtesy of met office
US images of Meteo Sat are from goes noaa
South America Images are from CPTEC/INPE brazil

Other images of Meteo Sat Viewer are a gentle a courtesy of digital-typhoon.
All the data that are you gathering from this app can be found on the original source at

the developer is not affiliated with digital-typhoon,met office or noaa

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Meteo Sat Viewer – free Screenshots: