Download Music Mania – Music Quiz APK

Music Mania is the new Music Quiz to share with your friends, so you can test your knowledge on over 30 different musical themes.

– Challenge your friends and adversaries with matches made up of 3 Sets of 90 seconds.

– LISTEN to over 100,000 SONGS: the biggest ever catalogue of tracks to play in the world, including all Genres and the latest hits.

– MAXIMISE your SCORE by sequencing COMBOS of RIGHT ANSWERS. !

– Use 3 BONUSES to MAXIMISE your score:
* The "50:50" gets rid of 2 wrong answers so you can double your chances when you take a wild guess.
* The "+10 Seconds" lets you add 10 juicy seconds to the stopwatch and increases the number of songs you hear (you can use this up to 3 times per round).
* The "SKIP" lets you jump past a track without losing your COMBO (i.e. you don't go back to the level of 5 points for the right answer).

– Make progress in your favorite music genres: start of as a White Belt then MAKE IT TO BLACK BELT in your music specialities to get access to the whole music catalogue in Music Mania.

– BECOME A VIP to make the most of all the game's features:

* Unlimited number of rounds to play: no more limit to 15 simultaneous Music Quiz played

* Go up a level (i.e. to Yellow, Orange.. etc Belts) without having to ask your friends for their help

* New Bonuses offered each and every week (10 of each type, 30 in total)

* All the statistics for each game updated after every round

* Guaranteed ad-free game play whilst bringing your precious and appreciated help to the game developers so they can fine tune the app even more!

MUSIC MANIA is even more:

– FAIR AND PLAYABLE CHALLENGES: The game selects random tracks from Chugulu's servers and not from your device: that way, your adversaries are listening to the very same tracks as you, in the same order, so that both players are on the same page and on an even footing

– A Music Quiz that can be shared with friends on any and every device and brand of smartphone and tablet.


Music Mania – Music Quiz Screenshots: