Download National Anthems Music Quiz APK

Do you know well your national anthem?, we are confident that the answer is yes, but what about the hymns from other countries? We bring you a app that undoubtedly will teach you a way to dynamically learn these hymns and pass it well at the same time. Introducing Music, Think… Fast! National Anthems, an app game and at the same time very educational because without doubt will enrich your knowledge of general culture.

★ 2 game modes, single and multiplayer
★ 3 amazing levels of difficulty
★ App for all ages
★ Menus and controls attractive easy-to-use

Music, Think… Fast! (MTF!) National Anthems, is available in multiple languages for the convenience of the users with unique features such as the multiplayer mode, which is very versatile because it can be used for two players or up to four players.

The multiplayer mode that does not require connection to the Internet, is the following: when you start the game starts playing a melody and the first player to tighten the button that corresponds, wins the shift to answer, (the more time passes, fewer stars or points can be earned by each song), but if the player that played first you make a mistake, the second player has the opportunity to answer and to get it right. At the time of correctly guessing the anthem, you could be shown on a map the country of origin, as well as its flag and you will be able to play it again to get a better learning of this hymn and its country.

The interface is friendly, clear and attractive because it allows them to users of any level feel safe when it comes to choosing your game mode, and if they want to go back to the main menu can do so with freedom and speed by the speed of the application. In addition, there are three levels of difficulty and different trophies that will be making throughout the game.

Promoting the culture is a work for us edifying and combine it with a fun activity and achieve its retention in a dynamic manner has been a great challenge. We have therefore achieved bring it for you in a free great app.

These are some of the nations that you can guess at MTF! National Anthems: Iran, Portugal, Israel, Colombia, Argentina, Denmark, Bolivia, Turkmenistan, Japan, Mauritas, China, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Norway, the United States, Cuba, Kenya, Switzerland, Somalia, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Peru, India, Barbados, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Canada, Andorra, South Africa, Chile, Fiji, Poland, Holland, Gabon, Paraguay, the Philippines, Spain, Botswana, Germany, United Kingdom, Aruba, Bangladesh, North Korea, South Korea, Uganda, Egypt, Central African Republic, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Guinea, Gambia, Dominica, Mongolia, Honduras, Sweden, Somalia, Turkey, Russia, Venezuela among many more.

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