Download New KPOP music game APK

The best choice for KPOP lovers. This game feature you a lot of fun:

// Chibi Adventure: Dice to move. Keep answer correctly and be lucky to win *_*
// 2 pic 1 song: See 2 pictures, pick character to complete the song name
// Find differences: Find 5 differences between 2 images
// Puzzle conquest: a picture is cover by 9 blocks. Answer question to clear block and find the secret

// Gameshow: G-Dragon challenge you with 5 exclusive interesting rounds: Mix Rehearsal, Flip Memory, Time Attack, Nickname Tag and Betting
// Survival: no time limit, 1 wrong answer – the game's over
// Endless: at first you have 25 seconds. For every correct answer you get 1 seconds plus. But if wrong, penalty 3 seconds
// The songs: Songs play continue in 45 seconds. Pick the wrong name
// The MV: See the screenshot – guess the name of MV
// The iDol: find an idol by order in 6 picture
// The Voice: Guess who is singing
// Yes Or No: just pick Yes or No for Kpop knowledge question

// Idol Tournament: Vote for your favourite idol to help them win the tournament
// Casino: Running Man Yoo Jaesuk, Song Jihyo, Lee Kwang Soo and Kang Gary are here with some games. Want to try your luck?
// Music and Wallpaper for download, Video for online playing


New KPOP music game Screenshots: