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Create and publish News directly from your smartphone. Respond to tasks or send in your News Tips to the International News companies in our system and get payed.

The Newsreps App connects you with exciting News Tasks and offers you the opportunity to work with professional News companies all over the world.
It can be any breaking, local or national News. All you have to do is respond to the Task, or, if you are the first one there, create a News Tips and sell it to multiple News providers.

We are the platform for User Generated News. We believe that if you respond to a task and the quality is good, you should get paid. At Newsreps multiple App users get´s paid at every Task.

Access the News where your and other Newsreps users are featured. Each story have unique content, interact, comment and like the ones you love.

Your Tips can be bought several times, earning you money each time it is sold.


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