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Particle Beat is a music-based arcade game, with colorful and minimalistic graphics!
YOU choose the music, and the music changes the gameplay!

This is a game, but made to feel like an MP3 Player : you can choose to play single MP3 songs, M3U playlists, or even whole folders! You can even choose a sequential playback mode, or a shuffle one.

In Noise Mode, enemies will chase you. Only the black Beat Particles can destroy them.
In Entropy mode, you become the hunter : the enemies wander in the stage, and it is up to you to drive them towards their end!

All of this happens to the rhythm of your music : colorful transitions and pulses mark every beat of the song, and you will be rewarded only if you can follow the rhythm. Even the game's speed changes according to the song!

Do you find a song too hard, or too easy? You can choose between three difficulty levels, and also trigger a special, extra-hard Dark Mode!


Q : Why does the game run slow on my device?
A : Particle Beat involves a lot of audio processing, to obtain the result you see. The game runs fine on most devices, but in general, I would advise running the game on a device whose CPU is at least Dual Core.

Q : Why do the loading times vary so much ?
A : Particle Beat implements a caching system. Meaning, once you play with a song, its data will be stored in memory for future use. This means that upon replaying that same song, you will get almost instant loading times, and the CPU load will be a lot lower. Every song data file weighs around 40KBytes, so you don't have to worry. If you want to clear this cache, you can do so from the Options menu.

Q : I can't find my External SD Card!
A : It is simple : open the file choosing dialog in Song Selection screen, and hit the "." button on top of the list until you reach the "storage" directory. From there, you can find you external SD card in one of the sub-directories.

Q : Why does the game crash on my smartphone?
A : Please note that Particle Beat needs Google Play Services to run. If you encounter different issues, feel free to send me an email.

Q : I don't like this feature! Or that one! This doesn't work!
A : I made Particle Beat in my free time, so it is a work of passion. Before leaving a 1-star review or uninstalling the app, try to contact me : I will try my best to solve your issues, or to listen to your advice.


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