Download Photo Booth: Tattoo Designs APK

Introducing Photo Stickers: Tattoo Salon – add effects like Rose Tattoo, Skull Tattoo, Tribal Tattoos on your photos, and share them with your friends!

Photo Stickers: Foenix Tattoos gives you the ability to edit your photographs for fun or for your avatar on facebook! Add interesting stickers and effects to your images with a touch, and bring the magic to your pictures!

Photo Booth: Butterfly Tattoos gives you the ability to make your photographs cool and creative. Add Cross Tattoos, Angel Tattoo, Wings or Dradon Tattoo on any image and show it to your friends, your mom or your sister.

You can also edit all stickers, so they will look like the real thing! The awesome colors and high resolution images from our Photo Effects Gallery are perfect for your pics!

This professionally developed and expertly created app takes your ordinary photos and makes them extraordinary! This app is extremely easy to use and very fun to create cool photos with it! Create awesome photos of your friends and family with this genius new Tattoo Salon stickers app that has fans around the world! To get started using Photo Effects: Tattoo Salon just download it now!

app Features:

• Fun app! Make a lot of fun for your friends and relatives editing their photos!
• Great graphics! More than 50 Sticker in our free Stickers Gallery!
• Awesome editing! You can zoom in or out all stickers or use eraser and restore effects on them!
• Sweet photo pranks!
• Professionally developed!
• Expertly created and designed!
• Trade and show photos with your friends!
• Easy to use application and editing software!
• It’s easy to download and hardly occupies any big space in your android!
• It can turn your photographs into a lovely piece of smile and enjoyment; you will love to share them with your friends!

This app is great fun for photo editing for any age and skill level. Have a great time spicing up your photos or playing cool pranks on your loved ones. This stickers app will offer you hours of entertaining fun! To get started putting tats on your friends and family, download Photo Effects: Tattoo Salon now!


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