Download Smart AWEKAS APK

With Smart AWEKAS now you can call your weather data for your station from anywhere and send weather reports to AWEKAS.

~ get all your available station data
~ Six different languages are available
~ Additional information such as wind speed or sunrise will be displayed
~ Possibility of stationary and mobile weather report
~ Two weather widgets for your home screen are included
~ See other stations within an radius of 100 km on Google Maps or OpenStreetMap
~ Use of internal (pressure, temperature, humidity sensor) and external sensors (Vaavud wind meter) for the mobile message
~ imprerial Units
~ Day minimum and maximum

Mobile Message /Station message

About the tab "Stationreport" you can report the weather status for your own station and about the tab "Mobilereport" you can report the weather status with some values, like temperature and windspeed, for your current position. Mobilereports are shown as a blue dot on the AWEKAS overview map.

Stations in the area

With the button "Stations in the area" or the globe icon, all stations are displayed within 100km of the own station. You can also serach for other stations via "Locality function" or "Positioning".


~ Position determination (Netzerwerk and GPS)
~ Network Access
~ Run at device start

Smart AWEKAS Screenshots: