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Solitaire Klondike is the most popular variation of the family of patience games played around the world. It will captivate you for hours!

Your goal is straightforward: build up a stack of cards starting with 2 and ending with King, all of the same suit. Once accomplished, the goal is to move this to a foundation, where you will have previously placed the Ace of that suit. Once done, you will have finished that suit, the goal being, of course, to finish all suits, at which time you will have effectively won.

If you ever get stuck, don't worry, tips will guide you in complex situations.

A large number of custom options are available making your experience as unique and personalized as possible.

Daily challenges will push you to your limits. Will you be up for them?

Looking for a great card game? Solitaire Klondike will be perfect for you. Download it for free today!

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Download Solitaire (Klondike) APK

Play Solitaire (also known by the names Patience and Klondike) on your smartphone or Android tablet!
True to and more complete than the original Windows version.


Choose the game mode and difficulty level of your game!
Do you want to play a game and be sure that there will be a solution?
– Choose the Easy, Intermediate, Difficult, and Very Difficult modes, and play hands with increasing difficulty but which still have a possible solution.
– Choose the « Winnable » mode and play hands of random difficulty which will nevertheless always have a possible solution.
That way you won't be stuck looking for a solution that doesn't exist!
– Choose random mode to play under real conditions with a random card draw and possibly no solution!


Are you stuck?
– Ask for help using the tip feature which will show you the next playable moves.
– Cancel any number of moves and try out new moves.

That way you'll be able to finish even the most difficult hands!


– Easy to learn, fluid game play, with card animations, for a more realistic game environment.
– Play in portrait or landscape mode.
– Right-handed and left-handed modes available.
– Play with real cards (on a tablet) or optimized cards for smaller screens.


– Standard or Vegas Scoring.
– Detailed statistics on games played.
– Game rules included in the application, with tips to improve your chances of success.
– Save the current hand in case the application shuts down.
– No connection needed to play.

Do you have questions about the game?

Have fun!

Solitaire (Klondike) Screenshots: