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About Application :-
Presenting you Team HammerHead with their very first app – SoundBox.
Soundbox is ahandy application to render epic catchphrases and catchy tunes to add extra zing in day to day conversions!
so go on.. Select a board.. Tap that button and have fun! :p
Eight fantastic boards with eight sounds on each
*Angry Birds
*Super Mario
*Mortal Kombat 4

About Authors :-
Team HammerHead, assembled at the Google week in D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering Mumbai, who made this app within two hours after learning some Android app development basics, is simply a team of three classmates
Chirag Jain (chiragjn)
Roshan Pande
Parth Hebra
studying in First year of Computer engineering. 🙂

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