Download Speed ​​[card game] APK

It is the speed of the card game.

The rules are simple, but as the name of speed, so to place the cards in a hurry,
It is a card game that there is little reflexes.

Lest to be out playing cards in a hurry, you can enjoy to concentrate on the game.

At any time, I can play the speed easily anywhere with this app.

Please play this app all means.

■ rules of speed
I will allocate 26 sheets at a time playing cards each player and the computer first.

From Trump allocated, I will put a lot of the computer side and four user.
I can operate only playing cards of each field of this.

At the start of the game, one by one each side of the computer and user,
I will issue the cards to place in the middle.

You can than number of playing cards in the middle, put a lot of center field from each, a number bigger or smaller one.
When you issue the cards in place of center, playing cards will be issued in place of each automatically.

If you touch the playing cards that I want to give, if a number that can trump the issues to the center of the field,
I go to the place in the middle.

If you no longer put out in a field of central field of playing cards each,
I put in a field of one by one from each center users and computers.

Repeat this, You win if there are no cards before the computer.

There are three stages difficulty, as the degree of difficulty is high, the speed at which the computer out the playing cards will become faster.

Level goes up one every time you win in the computer, the computer will continue to become stronger.


Speed ​​[card game] Screenshots: