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**** Unofficial GTA V News, Cheats & Videos *******
All the new and exciting news & videos from all the top sources of GTA V!
The most anticipated game of the year is here and the news and videos are pouring in to dozens of websites and blogs. With GTA V News you'll get all those news items, cheats, tutorials, walk-throughs and videos in one place!

All-in-one, easy to use interface, with push notifications and up to one week back of hot articles!

And in further detail:
@ Your pace – read the latest articles, or the articles from the last 24 hours or even up to one week ago.

@ Cheats screen – use the dedicated cheats button to get the list of all cheats!

@ Always stay up to date – with our push notifications on important news!

@ Videos from the new game brought to you from the best YouTube channels.

@ Your personal magazine – choose your favorite topics and with one click create your own personal edition! You can have a news feed with just new modifications and hacks if that's your thing.

This news app is powered by the SportFusion platform. The platform that helps you consume your favorite news at your own pace.

Privacy: This app contains an analytics package that collects anonimized usage statistics. The collection process was designed to consume as little resources (CPU and battery) as possible, and the collected statistics are 100% anonymous and used only in the aggregate to discern usage patterns & trends. No personally-identifiable information is collected.

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