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Prepare to be astonished by the most fantastic candy match experience ever! A totally new match 3 game adventure featuring juicy candies to combine and eliminate, exciting boosters and missions, amazing blast effects and incredibly tasty graphics! Sweets Mania Matching Game is simply one of the most interesting "match 3 games" without internet connection you've ever played. Performance of the best quality, smooth and addicting game mode, impressive visual elements – all await you in the unique candy mania match 3 game! Download this deliciously addicting candy fever free for Android™ and find out what makes it so special! Caution – you may become hopelessly hooked if you have a sweet tooth!

Similar to “jewel quest” and other gem matching games, Sweet Mania 2014 is a total hit with juicy shining candies and outstanding sound effects. Join your alien friends in their candy adventure through space and you'll find yourself totally addicted to this crazy crush saga in no time! Get this awesome candy blast game free, swap the elements to match three in a row and activate amazing blast effects. This challenging match 3 puzzle game will lead you through an infinite number of levels and missions, boosters and special powers and will keep you always busy playing with the food you like most: sweets and candies! If you like “games like candy crush”, you will adore this absolutely new amazing candy legend!

HOW TO PLAY Sweets Mania Matching Game◆

Matching 3 elements in a row eliminates all 3 and other elements fall down to fill the space left.
Matching 4 elements in a row gives a striped candy of the same color.
Making a 5 element combination in a T or L shape gives you a wrapped candy.
Making a 5 element combination in a row gives a chocolate candy.

1. Slime – A Slime eats a random candy in each turn and it turns it into a new Slime. You can kill the Slime if you combine 3 or more elements next to it
2. Frozen Candy – You can combine 2 or more elements with a frozen candy and free that candy
3. Stone Block
4. Magic Blocker – Blocks the clearing of the whole row
5. Bomb – When the time runs out, it explodes and you lose your life
6. Rockets
7. Teleports

Eight planets with twenty levels in the amazing candy deluxe game!
Outstanding visual elements featuring space setting and alien characters make this free match 3 game extremely cute and adorable candy quest adventure.
Easy-to-play interface, fast gameplay mechanics and various difficulty levels make it one of the most exciting matching games for kids and adults as well.
The fun and the creativity of “Sweet Mania” Space Quest will make it become one of your new favorite candy smash games.

All fans of "diamond games" or match 3 jewels games will be glad to have this free app as it will provide them with the best matching experience ever. Suitable for all ages, Sweets Mania Matching Game is one of those block games with element combinations that everyone will adore playing. "Match 3" candies of the same color and shape, activate amazing effects and sounds, crush candies and enjoy various challenges in one of the best matching puzzle games today. If you're bored of playing jewel saga games like gems journey, try out this brand new sugar blast game for children and adults.

Get Sweet Mania Space, one of the most interesting matching 3 games with a board of colored candies! If you like playing casual games with diamonds, jewels or candies, you will fall in love with this great candy blitz app. Train your mind on a daily basis with this excellent puzzle game free. Download this unique jewel match game and start your new candy adventure NOW! Try it out and see why it is one of the best games like candy saga! Match three or more sweets, crush jewels and experience ultimate fun in one of the best candy puzzles ever! Matching with friends has never been more interesting! Crazy fruit, lost jewels or bejeweled stars – it's up to you, choose your favorite match 3 blitz game and enjoy!


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