Download Talking Mouth – Funny Mouth APK

Play with this amazingly entertaining application.
If you are looking for some fun or an app to cheer up some friends this is exactly what you are looking for. Apply one of the mouths to a picture of your choice and let the subject of your pic say whatever you want.
You will be able to choose between 4 different mouth types and to put a different lipstick to one of them.

The app contains also more than 50 prerecorded funny sounds.

It is really fun and simple to use:
1. Choose a picture
2. Choose the mouth stickers you most like
3. Place and resize the sticker with your fingers.
4. Use the different buttons to resize the picture more accurately
5. Try out the fun results

– Load some famous celebrity (VIP) or raging politician’s pictures! And let the show begin.
– Take a picture of your boy / girlfriend and prank them 😉

Animate your static images and have great fun as it can be more effective than a good joke.

If you like the app please rate it with 5 stars


Talking Mouth – Funny Mouth Screenshots: