Download Tarzan and Jane APK

Help Tarzan and Jane maintain the harmony in the jungle!

Jump from side to side, kill the enemies and collect as many coins as you can.

The goal is to climb as high as you can without getting hit by the flying bananas, rabid monkeys or angry birds.
With a simple tap you can jump from one tree to the other, knocking out the crazed animals from the air as you do.
Take down three enemies of the same kind to unleash Tarzan's special powers. Whilst flying, tilt your device in all directions to maneuver the character. With the collected coins you can buy new skins, consumables (such as superpowers and shields) and upgrades from the Shop.
Everything is interactive and gravity affected!
You can tweak the foliage density, graphics quality and particles in the Options menu too! Just tap the gear icon in the Start Menu (It is located on the branch of the tree).

Music made by Brandon Fiechter.

We greatly appreciate your support, feedback and suggestions.
Thanks for playing!


Tarzan and Jane Screenshots: